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church Spiritually, there is only One.

You are one with everything you could ever imagine possible.
From this point onwards cast away your negativity, bend the rules a little and read on with an open mind
.Forget about the person you are now, the worries you have and the beliefs you have formed.
Focus with in yourself and know that this is where all the answers to your questions lie.
The time is now and the change starts within. Open up the unconditional love you have inside, for this is the energy behind Gods creations, the energy that connects every thing with every one. God is Love and this is all
there is, every emotion is an act out of love. Love is the key to Heaven on Earth.In the Fourth Dimension – Heaven on Earth. There will be no, ‘right and wrong’, and God will have no judgment.
There will be your own path; many life experiences that allowed you to experience being God.
And it is your own path that has led you back to Oneness with God. Thus creating Heaven On Earth.
You have experienced being God in all of your many life times, and have created everything you see before you. In this moment you are living in the illusion that you are separate from God and are fearful of God.
But the True reality of it is, that you are God.


person The changing of Mankind is about the realization of Oneness with God. Looking past the illusions of separateness and into a dimension of total Oneness. Where our Mind, Body and Soul in a whole reconnect with the source of Love and Light. It will be the Perfect world .But right now we have to focus on our souls within.
The feeling of being lost and having no direction is the start of your journey. A journey of which you have no limits and the outcome is what you intend for it to be


.The highest authority lies with in you, you can create anything on this journey for you are God, remember?

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